What Size Air Compressor Do I Need For Air Tools

What Size Air Compressor Do I Need For Air Tools

Air compressors are quite useful machines to have at home or for your small or large business needs. But how do you know What Size Air Compressor is the most appropriate for you? There are a number of factors that will impact the dimensions of air compressors. Besides, your final choice will heavily depend on your requirements.

So what features does the size of a compressor depend on?

Type of the compressor. There are two general types of compressors – reciprocating and rotary screw.Reciprocating compressors are more compact, energy-efficient, and more suitable for home and small business while rotary screw compressors are big and loud machines. Obviously, rotary screw compressors are much larger.

Need a Compact air compressor for your home or small business applications? You should get a reciprocating compressor regardless of the volume of your works and tools as you can find a model for any of your small tasks. As for rotary screw compressors, they are suitable for large industrial businesses.

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The duration of the work. The longer the work, the more capacious air compressor you will need. Of course, you can get a smaller compressor, but you would have to wait for it to pump up the compressed air after you have run out of it. The bigger the compressor, the more compressed air it will be able to deliver. But the size of the compressor by itself is pointless, what’s much more important is the machine’s capacity of the air flow.

If you are going to use the compressor for more continuous applications like airbrushing, you should get a more high-capacity air compressor. But remember that capacity alone doesn’t mean anything as some tools will require more compressed air than the others.

The capacity required by your tools. The more tools you have, the more voluminous air compressor you will need. Imagine if you were to work with all of your tools at once.To work uninterruptedly, you would need an a0ir compressor that would provide all your tools with air without the need of pumping up again.

How do you know the capacity you need? You have to add up the capacity requirements of all your tools. But make sure you use the CFM pegged with the same pressure. You won’t be able to add, for example, 2.2 CFM at 90 psi to 2.2 CFM at 40 psi. Always use the CFM with the same psi with both your tools and air compressor.

Let us give an example to make this clear. For instance, you have 3 tools requiring 1 CFM at 50 psi each. Their sum is 3 CFM at 50 psi, which is the minimum airflow capacity your air compressor should have. Here you can learn more about How to Choose an Air Compressor and full buying guide.

what size air compressor do i need for air tools

Your choice will somewhat depend on your demands for portability or compactness.You shouldn’t ignore one feature for the sake of the other. Keep in your head an image of what you need. Besides, you should account for the storage space available at your home. Don’t forget about the noise level you are going to tolerate.

Generally, know that choosing the best air compressor isn’t only about its size. Size won’t tell you much about the performance of a machine. Instead, focus on the specifications that interest you the most. It may be the sound level or the maximum delivered pressure for you.Air compressors come with a wide range of features, so you should account for all of them to make the right decision. So know what you need and look for it! Good luck!

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